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Custom Soap Loaf

Custom Soap Loaf


Take the creativity into your own hands with our custom soap loaves! You get to pick your colors and fragrace to create your own loaf of 10 bars of soap! Makes a perfect gift, all year round! We even do custom wrapping on these bars. Please send us a follow-up email with details on what you want on your wrapping and we will send you up to 5 digital samples for wrapping. All of this for only $5 per bar! Thats nearly 30% off our regular soap bars. 


Please note that if you choose custom wrapping, we must include our ingredient list, manufacturer's information, and net. weight per the United State's Food & Drug Administrations regulations. 


We can work with any scent or any blend of colors. We do have a list of fragrances that you can choose from or you can name any fragrance  or color and we can coordinate with our suppliers to accomidate your scent. 


Here's a list of pre-stocked fragrances to choose from:


-Rosemary Mint

-Eucalyptus Mint




Here's a list of pre-stocked colorants to choose from:








-Light Blue

-Midnight Blue

Note: We use 100% sustainable, lab-grown mica colorants. 

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